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'Promoting Sport in the Community'

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Many thanks to the committee and all our volunteer helpers who do such a wonderful job in supporting the work of the Sports Association. Well done everyone!

Extra help always welcome! If you would like to help, please use the contact page to get in touch - thanks!

BDKS Fireworks Sat 2nd November 2019!

Making things happen! 

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Important Notice

Amendment to the

BDKS Sports Association Constitution

At the forthcoming meeting of the Sports Association it is proposed to amend the Articles of Constitution with regard to Item 7.2 of Finance to read:


"All bank accounts opened on behalf of the association will be in the name of the Sports Association and will require 3 Signatories who will be Officers as follows, Treasurer + any 2 of Chairman, Secretary and Vice Chairman. Any transaction on behalf of the Association will require a signature by the treasurer or in the Treasurers absence by any 1 of the other 2 nominated signatories."


The Constitution can be amended by a 2/3rds majority at the meeting to be held on 5th February.      view bank document

Local cub group end of year bash!

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